Products & Services

Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait - Egypt holds a leading position in the Egyptian market and is backed by Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait (ABK) powerful resources, modern infrastructure, dynamic presence and support.

To help you achieve your financial goals and manage your finances more efficiently and effectively, ABK-Egypt offers you a wide range of banking products, services and specialized services.

Our Special Products

Investment Account

The Investment Account has been designed specifically for Private Banking clients offering a special deposit rate. It allows you to monitor all investment products linked to your portfolio through an integrated statement.

Time Deposits

With us, you are sure to get preferential returns in Time Deposits with negotiable time length.

Our Special Services

Banking Services

Your relationship with us begins with your Private Banker who will partner and guide you towards investment opportunities, while maintaining the level of risk as defined by your investment profile.

Specialized Services

This service is available to customers who wish to make their own investment decisions.

We receive and execute client orders in all major international markets of Egypt, Europe, USA and Asia for equities, bonds, foreign exchange, mutual funds, etc.

Integrated Asset Management

We design investment solutions tailored to your investment profile, so you can fully benefit from the experience and knowledge of our Private Bankers and the international institutions we work with.

Whether you wish to enhance or preserve the value of your capital, actively participate in the management of your assets or not, our wide range of services will meet your expectations.