Our Approach

Because you are different, you deserve it
Wealth Management was created in order to offer an exclusive service a selected group of clients, whose needs and requirements go beyond the traditional banking services.
With significant wealth, comes a unique set of challenges and opportunities, like how to best continue building wealth, to ensure its preservation, and to transfer it to heirs and/or others.
Whether an investor who is comfortable making investment decisions, or one who prefers to give discretion to a professional who will invest on his/her behalf, based on specific needs and goals, we have the appropriate product, or range of products.
Whatever the objectives and requirements are, our process begins with a dedicated Relationship Manager taking the time to listen and gain a clear understanding of customers needs. This understanding of your needs guides all of our interactions defines the service that we are proud to be providing.

How we serve

Aimed mainly at individuals as well as foundations and companies that require management of their cash liquidity. The common feature among all these clients is that they need a partner who will dedicate appropriate time, while having all the necessary knowledge and investment tools to ensure effective and suitable management of their assets.

Analysis of your requirements

Your relationship manager strives to understand customers’ investment and financial needs. This is a dynamic process, as customers’ requirements evolve with time and this understanding guides throughout the service that we provide. Whenever necessary we act as facilitators, liaising with other departments of the Bank in Egypt or abroad, such as the Corporate Banking, the SMEs, Leasing and others.

Financial planning

Understanding customers’ needs and requirements is only the first step in our approach towards providing the most appropriate solutions. Financial planning expresses customers’ requirements in a comprehensive strategy, articulated for the short, mid and long term.

Investment Policy and Asset Recommendations

The investment policy applies customers’ requirements and the financial plan to the appropriate combination of investment returns and risk. Our offering products are then adapted to that frame.

This is a highly dynamic process that balances evolving needs and requirements to market conditions and expectations.

Implementation and Reporting

Once we have agreed on the appropriate investment strategy, we propose the most adapted instruments to construct your portfolio.

Through Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait group, we are able to trade on most markets in the world and offer an extremely wide range of products. If necessary, we are able to create custom made products for our clients. On a regular basis and as agreed, we communicate with you on the detailed performance of your portfolio.

Our services

Our services and products are designed to meet a wide variety of investment objectives including, but not limited to:

  • Capital appreciation
  • Diversifying portfolio concentration
  • Income generation