Equity Fund

The fund is a pool that invests in the Egyptian Stock Market with the objective of diversifying assets under management between various shares to minimize risk and achieve positive medium term returns that compensate for inflation and equity market volatility.


·         EGP denominated 
·         Tax exempt 
·         Daily subscription and redemption, no charges
·         Inception Date: April 2008
·         Nominal value: EGP 100 
·         Minimum investment: 5 shares 
·         Management fees: 0.625% p.a 
·         Bank Fees: 0.475% p.a
·         Fund Administrator Fees: 0.05%
·         Performance fees: 7.5% above 91 day T-bills
·         Fund Manager: Sigma Asset Management 


Subscription is available in all our branches.

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  Equity Fund Prospectus
  Equity Fund Fact Sheet for May 2021
    Change of Fund Administration Company

Today's ABK-Egypt Equity Fund Price:

Price Last Update
130.5900   Wednesday, December 1st 2021