ABK - Egypt Bank advanced technology payment system covers all your needs for transferring funds to beneficiaries in other banks, both in Egypt and abroad, in a simple, swift secure and fast way, with competitive fees.

How you can benefit

  • Our employee will guide you through simple procedure
  • Get competitive remittance cost based on the amount and the country of destination
  • Secure funds transfer via an advanced payment system
  • By using our Piraeus Online Banking, you can:
    • View your payments
    • View and print the SWIFT message of your outgoing remittances
    • View and print your Payment Advice containing a detailed breakdown of the amount transferred and your banking expenses
  • Issue your Form (4) for custom clearance of your imported goods and pay your supplier by transferring funds and taking advantage of the same benefits mentioned above

Where can you send money

Visit one of ABK - Egypt branches and execute all your payment orders to any country worldwide.

How you send money

  • Fill in the Remittance Application at a ABK - Egypt branch
  • Click here to download the Remittance Application

Application Forms / STP Excellence Award

Application Forms STP Excellence Award
Documentary Credit Application 2012 EUR STP Excellence Award
Shipping Guarantee / Bill of Lading or Air Waybill Endorsement Application
2012 USD STP Excellence Award
Export Documentary Collection Application   2013 EUR STP Excellence Award

Letter of Guarantee Application
2013 USD STP Excellence Award
Collection Application for Commercial Papers
2014 EUR STP Excellence Award
Transfer/Bank Draft Application

2014 USD STP Excellence Award
Irrevocable Undertaking under Inward Documentary Collection
2015 EUR STP Excellence Award
Import Collection & Form 4 Approval Request
2015 USD STP Excellence Award
Customer Undertaking for Export Transactions Incoming Procced
2016 EUR STP Excellence Award
Export Documentary Collection Application
2016 USD STP Excellence Award
Custom Release Undertaking
2016 EUR STP Excellence Award